If you feel that the fleeting experience at the crematorium doesn’t allow for proper farewell, the answer is a morning or afternoon service at the Memorial Woodlands chapel and reception rooms. This is followed by burial of a coffin or cremated remains and costs no more than the average 30 minute cremation.

Choose the funeral that is right for you


Each of our packages will include everything that is necessary for a funeral. Both of our morning and afternoon funeral packages include all arrangements, collection of your loved one within a 30-mile radius, Viewing at our chapel of rest, provision of a celebrant and playing of music from CDs and provision of a hearse or bier.

The Morning 10.15am to 12.45pm

A morning event with plenty of time for a service and simple reception. This includes a burial plot with a simple marker at Memorial Woodlands

Fixed cost: £3,995

The Afternoon 2pm to 5.30pm

An afternoon event with over three hours to say goodbye with a service and the use of our reception rooms. This includes a burial plot with a simple marker at Memorial Woodlands.

Fixed cost: £4,495

The Simple Service

Providing a 30 minute service in our chapel followed by the burial. It includes the plot, all arrangements and necessary staff but does not include use of the reception rooms.

Fixed cost: £2,995

The Unattended

This includes a marked burial plot, all necessary arrangements and collection within a 50 mile radius. For those who have requested a no fuss and minimum expense funeral whilst providing a dignified resting place to visit.

Fixed cost: £1,495

To learn more about any of these offers call: 01454 414 999

or email: admin@memorialwoodlands.com