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Muslim Burial Ground

Meadows of Peace

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The Meadows of Peace Muslim cemetery is situated within Bristol Memorial Woodlands. Two meadows have been set aside for the exclusive use of the Muslim community.

Open to visitors 365 days of the year the cemetery possesses the relevant permissions for Janazah every day including weekends and Bank Holidays, ensuring communities can perform Salatul Janazah, bury the departed and carry out Fard al-kifiyah without delays associated with some UK cemeteries.

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Working together with local communities, Mosques, Imams and Muslim funeral directors, Memorial Woodlands commissioned Kim Wilkie, a landscape designer, to produce designs for the new Muslim cemetery. Paramount to the design was that each body faced Qiblah, that the position of the finished grave was well marked and the space between plots generous. We consider that Meadows of Peace provides a natural burial ground that caters for the requirements of Islamic burial custom.

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Please note these new burial fees prices take effect from the 1st July 2023.


Next available plot: £1,795.00

Selected plot: £2,195.00

Weekday Burial Fees:

Shroud Burial: £985.00

Coffin Burial: £985.00

Weekend Burial fees:

Saturday Shroud Burial: £1,110.00

Saturday Coffin Burial: £1,110.00

Sunday Shroud Burial: £1,185.00

Sunday Coffin Burial: £1,185.00

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What to do next

To reserve a plot directly or for any questions regarding Meadows of Peace please call 01454 423 076; contact Aziz Chowdhry: 07920042954

or use the form below.

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