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Memorial Woodlands gives you a choice of fixed price offers and bespoke options. 


The funeral cost estimator below enables you to calculate the different costs of a bespoke funeral, in order to give you a comparison.

To learn more about any of these offers

call: 01454 414 999

or email: admin@memorialwoodlands.com

Funeral Plans

The Law has recently changed so that all funeral Plan providers are now regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Annual compliance costs will now exceed £50,000 and are not sustainable for our small business.


Bristol Memorial Woodlands FP Ltd is finalising an agreement, with the full knowledge of the FCA, to transfer its plans to a much larger Funeral Plan company which has full FCA approval and will be covered by the FSCS compensation scheme. All the plan holders will be written to very soon.

Bristol Memorial Woodlands will remain the first point of contact and will carry out the funeral exactly as arranged and is fully focused on continuing to deliver the highest standards of care.