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Jewish Cemetery

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At Memorial Woodlands, the Jewish Cemetery stands as a significant and dedicated area for the Jewish community, offering a respectful place for families to conduct burials in accordance with Jewish traditions.

Working swiftly and with sensitivity, the Jewish Burial Society ensures that the spiritual journey of the neshama to the divine is honored and facilitated with the utmost care and timeliness.

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Jewish Burials

Our team specialises in organising Jewish burials, offering comprehensive support and coordination.


We work closely with the Jewish Burial Society, the rabbi, and your chosen contacts to ensure each ceremony is appropriate and respectful.

Moreover, our team can arrange a reception in our function rooms following the service. These events are customised to your requirements, providing suitable refreshments for your guests.

Families are always welcome to visit the burial grounds for times of reflection, comfort, and prayer.

For those wishing to commemorate their loved ones with memorials, we can recommend Summers Memorials for their proficiency in the Jewish Burial Area.

Summers Memorials Contact: 0117 955 7676

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Arranging a Jewish Burial

To reserve a plot or for any questions about the Jewish Cemetery here please get in touch with Alan Elkan 07967979137

or Yoram Adani 07855337805. 


Alternatively you can email or

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