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Traditionally, nature reserves have been a way of preserving the threatened countryside. The founding principle of Memorial Woodlands is to create new areas of Nature Reserve, increasing the diversity of flora and fauna. Rather than try to fund this through charitable donations we provide a high-quality service which in turn helps to fund the nature reserve.


Planting a commemorative tree is an ancient gesture steeped in tradition and meaning. It is a symbol of continued life, strength and family connections. It gives relatives and friends a memorial to visit which they can enjoy watching as it changes over the years and seasons. Equally, it is a gift to the woodlands as they continue to grow and mature. 

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To ensure that the Nature Reserve is properly managed and maintained the Charitable Trust owns the topsoil of the site to the depth of one metre. This means that the trust owns all the trees and vegetation ensuring that it is protected in perpetuity. The burials take place in the subsoil beneath the topsoil and are usually sold leasehold.

Predominantly British native tree species are planted along with permitted meadow and woodland bulbs and flowers. As this is a woodland rather than a graveyard no vases, edgings, statuary or personal effects may be placed by graves, and all gravestones and benches may only be purchased from Bristol Memorial Woodlands Ltd.

Not only will Memorial Woodlands be a gift to future generations, it is also a beautiful space to reflect on your loved one, recall treasured memories and feel a sense of peace. To sit amidst the trees and flowers, under dappled sunlight, listening to birdsong and the gentle breeze. 

The future of the Bristol Memorial Woodlands is secure as it is managed by a charitable trust.

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