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Bristol Memorial Woodlands gets a £100K facelift

Bristol Memorial Woodlands has reopened following a major external rejuvenation programme.

The popular funeral venue, located near Alveston, South Gloucestershire, invested over £100,000 in the project which included the resurfacing of its showpiece driveway as well as other improvement works around the 100-acre site.

The resurfacing project stretched for the length of the driveway and all the way up to the Georgian Reception Rooms, with a spur to the offices which are housed in the old farmhouse at the interior of the site. Using 450 tonnes of material, over a kilometre of ground was covered.

The newly resurfaced driveway at Memorial woodlands

The improvement works also included a reconfiguration of the grounds and general maintenance and meant the site was closed to the public for the first time in its 25-year history.

Chris Baker, founder of the woodlands, said: “We are delighted with the results of our recent project, which was important to us in order to maintain the appearance and quality of the site for our valued customers.

“The winding driveway is one of the statement features of our venue and sets the tone for your experience here before you even get to the beautiful woodlands we are creating.

“In the fullness of time the gravel will be removed altogether as part of our vision for an ecological site.

“Having to close to the public was a big decision but we felt that it would be worth it for the resulting customer experience. We were pleased to remain open for those families who had been recently bereaved, needing our services, and those families wanting particular access to visit their loved ones.

“Our picturesque setting is what sets us apart from other funeral venues in the area. We are offering not only a wonderful place to hold an event to celebrate the life of your loved one but also a beautiful location to visit for generations to come.”

Bristol Memorial Woodlands is being created as a place that future generations will be able to visit. A charitable Trust has been set up to manage the woodlands into the future. The woodlands are open daily for the public to enjoy for walks and remembrance, only 15-minutes from Cribbs Causeway.



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