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When a funeral has been discussed and planned in advance it takes enormous pressure off the family at a time when they are coping with shock and grief. 

A good starting point is to download our Funeral Planning Checklist HERE. Here you can specify everything including where you would like to be buried or cremated, what kind of service should be held, what music is to be played and any special requests you may have for the wake. The checklist also contains sections for you to note down helpful and important information such as: bank accounts, insurance details, passwords and so on for those entrusted with organising your affairs. 

Please call or email our offices to speak with one of our team, who will be pleased to help discuss all aspects of planning your funeral.  A funeral director can visit you at your home, if helpful, or even collect you and show you around Memorial Woodlands.

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Pre-purchasing a plot, gives the comfort of knowing where you'll be laid to rest and it helps your family by giving them the knowledge that they are carrying out your wishes.  

There are a variety of plots available, from simple ashes plots to multi-generational family plots. Family plots provide a dedicated space where generations can visit and remember. 

Different plots come with a choice of different native trees. Some plots have shared trees, the larger plots have their own dedicated tree. The majority of our planting are species native to the UK. 

Everyone that purchases a plot at Memorial Woodlands is helping to create a public nature reserve, held in trust, for current and future generations.


We also have larger plots where pets can be interred alongside their beloved owners. 

One of the advantages of pre-purchasing a plot is that you may ensure that your pets can be laid to rest next to where you will eventually be buried or have your ashes interred.