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Designed for you with the freshest flowers, hand-picked at the local markets a coffin spray of roses, vases full of lilies, carnations to adorn the buffet table or chrysanthemums interlaced as a garland for the bier, the choices are yours. We will help you design the perfect floral tribute. Our florist will discuss favourite flowers, seasonality, longevity, colours and scents until you are happy that the flowers for your event are most suitable for the occasion. We will ensure that the flowers are beautiful and in their prime. Every event is individually designed, and guests will be able to order flowers to complement your chosen floral arrangements.

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The choice is yours...


Choosing flowers can be a deeply personal experience. That’s why we listen to your wishes and help you to create a completely unique floral design, full of personal touches that resonate with the life being celebrated and those celebrating it. It is a culmination of small, personal touches that families and guests remember fondly for many years.



Sending flowers


Helen Pyle has been based at Memorial Woodlands for years. She has worked with hundreds of families during that time, helping them to select the most appropriate tributes and decorations and then crafting each with freshly sourced flowers or plants ranging from the exotic to the simplest ivy, moss and woodland plant arrangements. You may want a wreath, some sprays, or a simple coffin tribute, you may wish to consider decorating the chapel and the bier. Helen will help with all of this. Helen’s workshop sits alongside our farmhouse offices and meeting rooms, she will be delighted to meet with family members by arrangement to explore what will be “just right” for an upcoming service. Helen arranges the flowers for all of our in-house events, our annual Military Service of Remembrance and our All-Souls service for bereaved families held each year. We appreciate that families may elect to use a family friend or a florist with whom they have an existing relationship, and we are happy to work with them too.



To discuss floral arrangements at Memorial Woodlands please call Helen directly on 07774 607034. If you are unable to attend or would like to order flowers for an occasion, please call Helen and she will be able to advise on an appropriate tribute based on the family’s choices and your budget.

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