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Burial is an ancient and traditional way to lay someone to rest and the growing concerns about the environment mean it is also the most modern. Historically cremation was promoted as a way of minimising land use and as being cheaper than burial. THIS is no longer the case. Traditionally burials have cost more than cremation* but at Memorial Woodlands we have worked to ensure that burials here can cost less than an average cremation.

The UK funeral market turns over more than £2 billion each year and provides little, if anything, of lasting value. By reimagining burial as a way of creating nature reserves the death and loss of a loved one helps create a living memorial for future generations. Creating a woodland burial ground, with the planting of native trees, provides a legacy for the future. Families have a special place where they can go and spend time reflecting and remembering their loved one.

Individual plots can be purchased or family plots can be secured for the future to ensure an area of the woodland is dedicated to one family. 

Unlike cremation, where thousands of tons of gas are used each year to dispose of the bodies, burial is natural and better for the environment. 

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