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Welcome To Memorial Woodlands - Our Funeral Plans

Memorial Woodlands Funeral Plans

Why consider a pre-paid funeral plan?

Plan for Peace of Mind

Celebrate your life by choosing a Memorial Woodlands funeral plan

“I want to be able to plan my own funeral.  I think it really means something, especially when you realise the choices you have and that you can relieve the pressure on your loved ones.”

What is a Memorial Woodlands Funeral Plan?

A Memorial Woodlands funeral plan allows you to plan and pay for your funeral in advance. 

Although a potentially daunting subject, we believe that planning a funeral in advance is very important as we often see first hand how families who have discussed or planned a funeral cope much better when the day comes. 

Memorial Woodlands offer a range of pre pay plans which cover every aspect of our funeral directing services, external services (or disbursements) and, should you wish it, the use of Memorial Woodlands’ facilities for the day.  We offer a selection of ecological as well as traditional funeral plans which include an ecological coffin and the option of carbon offsetting.

Alternatively, we will be happy to work with you to arrange an entirely bespoke funeral that’s especially suited to your wishes.


Why Plan with Memorial Woodlands?

It’s never easy to say goodbye, but by involving your family and friends in your funeral arrangements, you know that when the time comes they will take comfort in the fact that they’re following your wishes.

A Memorial Woodlands funeral plan offers the chance to plan every aspect of your funeral and to use our chapel, reception rooms and landscaped gardens for the entire day to create a service that reflects your life and personality.

Safe and Secure

When you purchase a Memorial Woodlands funeral plan, your money is held in a secure, independently managed trust until it is needed.  The cost of our services are fixed at the time of purchase, regardless of future price increases.  Funeral plans may be paid of in full, or over the course of a number of years.

Plan for all our Futures

At Memorial Woodlands, we are committed to creating a beautiful environment for future generations to treasure and enjoy.  Choosing a Memorial Woodlands funeral plan helps to ensure your environmental legacy, as all of the proceeds of our funeral plans are used to help create more sacred woodland.

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Funeral Plan Brochure

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Funeral Plans - Traditional and GreenFuneral Plans - Traditional and Green

Breakdown of what each plan entails.

Application FormFuneral Plan Application Form

Application form for our funeral plans.

Payment FormFuneral Plan Payment Form

Payment form for our funeral plans.

Funeral Plan BrochureOur Funeral Plan Brochure

A complete version of our funeral plan brochure.