Funeral plans

  • I feel compelled to write to you how relieved I feel having sorted out my funeral plan and thank you for making it feel so natural, rather than morbid. I wouldn’t like to burden those I leave behind with the pressure of second-guessing my wishes, the way I had to second-guess my aunt’s in February.

  • Funeral planning: a sensitive subject, thoughtfully addressed

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    We witness, week-in and week-out, just how beneficial it is to families when a loved one who has passed away has made plans for their funeral.

    Those left behind do not have to agonise or squabble about what choices to make, at a time when they are already struggling with their loss. They take comfort in knowing they are following the wishes of the person who has passed, and can concentrate on celebrating that person’s life in the way they had wanted.

    Choosing a funeral plan gives you, and your loved ones, peace of mind.

    We recommend three principal steps:

    1. Document your wishes for your funeral. The more information you include in this, the easier it will be for those left behind. We can help you with your planning. We’ve prepared a Funeral Planning Checklist to help you start planning your funeral.
    2. Make financial provision for your funeral, if possible. You’ll make it considerably easier for your family to cope, at an already difficult time. A Memorial Woodlands Funeral Plan is ideal for this, whether or not you wish to use any or all of our facilities such as our chapel, reception rooms or cemetery.
    3. Legal planning. Firstly, a professionally written Will can protect your wishes and save loved ones from unforeseen heartache: even seemingly straightforward circumstances can unearth a range of difficulties. Secondly, estate planning can minimise Inheritance Tax and ensure those left behind are not forced to sell property to meet a tax bill, for example. Thirdly, having a Lasting Power of Attorney in place is vital, in case you become too unwell to manage your finances.

    “I want to be able to plan my own funeral. I think it really means something, especially when you realise the choices you have and that you can relieve the pressure on your loved ones.”

    When you purchase a Memorial Woodlands funeral plan your money is held in a secure, independently managed trust until it is needed. The costs of our services are fixed at the time of purchase, regardless of future price increases. You can pay for your funeral plan in one payment or over the course of a number of years.

    If you would like to discuss one or more of these options, please call us on 01454 414 999 and ask to speak to Marcus about pre-planning. We’re here to help you achieve peace of mind for yourself and your family.


    We are totally transparent about our charges. There are two principal reasons for this.

    Firstly, we believe in being open and honest about our services and, secondly, we are confident that, despite the many obvious advantages of using Memorial Woodlands, we are extremely competitive. We invite you to download information on costs of funeral plans – but if you’d prefer us to send you information by post we’re happy to do so. Just let us know by clicking here.

    Achieve peace of mind: purchase a funeral plan

    Purchasing a funeral plan is, in our experience, one of those tasks which takes a while to reach the top of the ‘To Do’ list but, once organised, gives immense peace of mind and an assurance that those you leave behind will not have the agony of decisions or the awkwardness of expense when your time comes.

    The best way to start is to talk to us – you can call us on 01454 414999 or you can visit us. However, if you’d prefer to get going online you can download a form to complete.